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Avg Cleaner Pro Apk makes your android mobile fast and very smooth. Avg Cleaner Pro is a very great tool for the optimization of android mobiles. It is a smart device manager for every android phone for cleaning and tweaking.

Overview of Avg Cleaner

With Avg Cleaner Pro Apk your android mobile works faster and very smoother without hanging and stuck in applications. This application removes extra junk files and gives you more free space. It also provides more rest to your mobile RAM. This application will remove all viruses or any other harmful software or application available on your mobile automatically.

What is Avg Cleaner Pro Apk?

Avg antivirus Pro Apk is one of the best antivirus and cleaning tool for your privacy and security of your device. It automatically detects any problem or threatening issue in your device and also fixes it with your permission. There is much other great option for increasing the performance of your android device.

Working of Avg Cleaner

If you are facing problems with mobile hanging and slow performance of your mobile then I suggest you use Avg Cleaner Pro Apk application. This application will surely clear your all problems according to storage and slow performance your mobile phone. It will increase your device memory and also increase the performance of your android mobile device.

Why you need Avg Cleaner Premium Apk?

Many people are using android devices looking for a good and perfect way to increase the performance and speed of their mobile. How to clean storage from junk and extra files? How to increase the performance of android device while playing games? How to fix hanging and lag? How to play games smoothly without hanging? So, I am providing the best solution and answers to your entire question that you just need to download Avg Cleaner Pro apk and install it on your mobile phone.

I am sure that this will make your android device like a new mobile and increase performance, remove extra files, free storage, and gives you a smooth android device.

Features of Avg Cleaner Pro Apk

Before going to use this application you need to know about the features of this application. So, here are some good features of Avg Cleaner Pro Apk.

Advanced Application Manager

There are a lot of applications installed by the system in your android device. These are called pre-installed applications. These applications run automatically in background applications and give a lot of bad impressions on your device performance. The RAM of your device gets a lot of unusual load on it. You can stop this kind of application with this Avg Cleaner Pro application. When all unnecessary app stopped then a load of heavy unusual becomes very low and your RAM will free. This makes your android very faster and increase the performance.

Application Analyzer

Application Analyzer analyzes your auto start applications. When you turn on your android device to use it. There are some auto-start applications. These application starts automatically with your device and runs in the background. So, this feature will analyze these kinds of apps and you can stop them by auto-start at turn-on of device. This will also increase your android performance.

Application Remover

There are some pre-installed applications in your device. You cannot uninstall them by using the android application manager. Avg Cleaner Pro Apk gives you access to remove these kinds of applications without damaging your firmware of android device. It will also remove the store cache of these apps. This will make free space for your android device.

Photo Optimization

AVG Cleaner Pro MOD APK can get more free space by optimization of photos and pictures available in your android device. It has a feature to scan all the photos albums available on your mobile. After the scanning process, all stored pictures of your android mobile will be on a list. You can optimize them by a tap on a photo that you want to optimize and click on optimize. It will optimize that photo without losing the quality of that photo. You can select all the photos and optimize them together. This will save your space as well as your time.

Battery Optimizer and Saver

Some of your applications consume many high battery power of your android device. In this app, you can do your own setting for the limitation usage of battery power to those kinds of applications. But this option is available only for 30 days only. After that, you can do the same process again and again.

More Features of AVG Cleaner Mod Apk:

In addition to the above features, this app has a lot of many other features listed here.

  • Ram Boost: This application provides a boost to your ram by stopping background running applications and auto-start applications.
  • Auto start Apps: You can stop auto starts applications at device turn on. These applications also run in backgrounds applications.
  • Uninstall system Apps: User can uninstall extra and unusual applications which can’t be uninstalled by the android application manager.
  • Battery life saver: Avg Cleaner Pro Apk saves your battery life from harmful usage of battery power from some dangerous applications.
  • System Information: You can get all the information of your android device from the system information menu.
  • Junk and Virus cleaner: This app cleans all junk and virus from your android mobile.
  • File Manager: Avg Cleaner Pro gives you a great file manager source to delete, copy, Move and pasting the files from one folder to another folder.
  • Antivirus: This is also a great antivirus to protect your device from harmful apps and files.

Technical Details of Avg Cleaner Pro Apk

  • Size: 22MB
  • Package Name: Avg Cleaner Pro Apk
  • Current Version: 4.14.0
  • Requires Android: 4.4
  • Price: Free
  • Developers: AVG Mobile

Avg Cleaner Pro Apk Free Download

Click on the download button for getting download Avg Cleaner Pro Apk v14.4.0. It is a clear and straightforward file with setup and high downloading speed.

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