Best air conditioner or an air cooler for Summer

In the summer the heat can become suffocating, especially in tropical countries. If you don’t like the heat, it can be terrible for your lifestyle. However, thanks to technological advances, we have resolutions to many of our current problems.

Air coolers are tools that allow us to convert a hot environment to a cool one. These devices have a characteristic that differentiates them from the rest of the appliances and that is the wide variety of sizes in which they come.

Although we cannot control the temperature of the environment, we can control the temperature of the air cooler that goes inside the place of our preference. The different power levels included in these artifacts represent an intelligent domain mechanism for convenient adaptation. The control responds to the different places where it is usually used.

Let’s start from the big difference between an air conditioner and air coolers: air conditioners need refrigerants to be able to cool the air, using vapor compression or absorption refrigeration cycles. Despite cooling the environment more, they are usually more expensive both in the initial purchase and in electricity bills and sometimes, also in their maintenance. If your budget is not suitable for this option, then an air cooler is the best alternative for you, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

But to all of these…

What is an air cooler?

It seems obvious but perhaps some people do not really understand what it is or how it works. Air coolers , also known as evaporative coolers or evaporative coolers , are devices that cool air by evaporating water, using the enthalpy of evaporation, that is, the ability of water to exchange energy with its surroundings.

These devices freshen the air in the room and work best in open areas. They are especially suitable in dry climates, where the air is hot and humidity is low. Even in very dry climates, they have the added benefit of conditioning the air by adding the moisture necessary for the comfort of those in the room.

Types of air coolers

Before you think about where you want to install your air cooler, it is possible that other places in our daily lives need one. Therefore, it is important that you know the uses that these products can have.

1 – Air coolers for the home

The rooms and the kitchen are the most frequented places in the houses and apartments. Ironically (although not so much in the case of cooking, for obvious reasons), they tend to be the hottest. The rooms for their airtight designs and the kitchens for the use of gas or electricity to prepare food.

For these spaces, portable evaporative coolers are excellent, since they allow you to inhabit these areas without dying of heat, cooling the place and facilitating your daily tasks.

2 – Air coolers for the office

n the offices, the workstations are designed for you to organize the tools that your trade requires. There are few exceptions in which your workplace guarantees you adequate mobility and therefore, the sensation of heat is usually present, especially in small spaces without windows.

By controlling the temperature in your office with this little device, you will most likely perform better at your job. Can you imagine working quietly without sweating every time?


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