Best washing machine brands and prices

We all know the tasks performed by household appliances. Once the maintenance of fabrics through grooming arose, hygiene improved considerably. However, it took a long time for the figure of a machine that was capable of reducing the work of washing and all the time that it entailed, to manifest itself. Thanks to modernity, we have washing machines that allow us to rinse our daily clothes.

he market for these home appliances has been taken over by smaller, easier-to-use models. However, the virtual platforms have developed improvements in their delivery systems to include these appliances in their catalogues. Such is the case of Linio, an online store with a good reputation and a fame that results from the security it provides in purchases.

In virtual stores there is an intermediate number of offers. Each brand has at least one prominent model among its exhibited products; the reason may be the wide diversity of tastes that users who are loyal to companies have. Below, we explain some of the general characteristics of each company. Although if you are not sure exactly what type of washing machine may be ideal for you, we leave you our article where we explain everything you need to know about them.

Samsung washing machine brand

Commonly, users take into account one aspect: the verification of the manufacturing company. The engine of a transaction depends on how recognized the brand responsible for producing a device is. Samsung is a brand with great world renown, which also has the benefit of popularity and reputation in its favor.

Advantages of Samsung washing machines

  • They are environmentally friendly products (excellent for the green move!)
  • Samsung is a reputable manufacturer.
  • They are designed to use less detergent and water than conventional washing machines.
  • Its energy consumption is lower than that of other brands.
  • The garments will be neat without the need to include chemicals in the wash.
  • They include automatic drum cleaning technology to maintain the hygiene of the appliance.
  • They contain air fresheners that release unpleasant odors from clothes and also remove wrinkles.

Disadvantages of Samsung washing machines

  • Fill failures may occur in the first few cycles.
  • Not all types of garments are suitable for washing in these washing machines.
  • Their prices can be high for some buyers.
  • The design of these washing machines usually comes in subdued colors that get dirty easily.

Electrolux washing machine brand

For 100 years, Electrolux has been a benchmark for quality and technology in the production of home appliances in the global market. Present in 150 countries, they sell approximately 55 million products a year, when it comes to home appliances. Its washing machines have exclusive washing functions and also stand out for their functionality and fair prices.

Advantages of Electrolux washing machines

  • They offer tradition and high technology.
  • They usually have long warranties.
  • They have a wide variety of washing programs.
  • High load capacities.
  • You can wash your sports shoes them.
  • There are models that are quite silent.

Disadvantages of Electrolux washing machines

  • Spare parts are usually expensive.

Daewoo washing machine brand

Despite the fact that this conglomerate was dissolved in the year 2000, its products are still appearing in the various markets, especially that of household appliances. They are good products and offer some of the cheapest prices on the market, as well as being efficient and effective washers.

Advantages of Daewoo washing machines

  • They usually come with energy saving modes.
  • Some models leave clothes drier than others.
  • They have quick wash programs for when you don’t have much time.
  • It manufactures front-loading, top-loading, and double-tub washers.

Disadvantages of Daewoo washing machines

  • Some models are very heavy.
  • They can be noisy, depending on the model you choose.
  • They tend to be a bit expensive the more relevant modes or features they have.
  • Some need constant cleaning.

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