Buying guide for the best clothes dryers and prices

Washing clothes is a task from which it is impossible to escape… Nobody wants to live with a mountain of dirty clothes, right? The washing process can be complicated at times, in addition to being made tedious by factors such as clotheslines, rain or wind. These complications can be avoided in one way: by buying a dryer.

Tumble dryers not only speed up the drying process, but they leave your clothes ready to fold and store without any problem. In addition, you avoid the smell that penetrates wet clothes when they have not dried well, as it can be quite unpleasant. We tell you all about the best dryers in this article.

These appliances are used to dry clothes after they have been washed. They are extremely convenient for rainy weather or cloudy days, where the sun either does not come out, or is not enough to dry wet clothes.

The dryers work through the flow of hot air that is inside a rotating drum, where the wet clothes are introduced. Clothes rotate slowly and steadily, distributing heat evenly across garments. The size of the drum and its capacity will depend on the model of dryer you choose. This drum can be stainless, enameled, zinc-plated or made of different materials. In some cases, the mechanisms that allow the flow of hot air rotate with the drum, while in other cases, they are fixed.

Best dryer brands on the market

1 – Electrolux

One of the biggest brands in terms of household appliances. They are synonymous with durability and utility, as well as being aware of the latest technological developments, incorporating them into their appliances to offer quality products at a good price. Electrolux dryers can be a total success for your home.

2 – Bad

Maybe products are among the best known in the Latin American market. More than one home has had an appliance of this brand at some time, since they have an excellent price-quality ratio and are the brands that are always available.

3 – Bosch

Bosch is one of the best brands on the market, as they produce a wide range of tools and products, offering the best quality. Its appliances are not far behind, always being at the forefront in terms of technology, as well as caring for the environment.

Reasons why you should buy a clothes dryer

Dryers do not usually consume as much electricity as it seems. The new dryer models are even more efficient than the old ones, as they only need power to spin the drum. The models that use heat pumps are 50% more efficient than the old electric ones. However, consider that there will be a small increase in the electricity bill so that you are not caught off guard when it arrives.

Dryers do not damage clothes. Garments will not lose color, strength or size if put in the dryer. It should be noted that the new models of these machines have programs for delicate clothes; You should also take into account that there are garments that are not suitable for washing or drying in these appliances. Check the labels and symbols on your clothes to see if you can put them in the dryer.

Although there are people who believe that the dryer wrinkles clothes, we come to tell you that this is not the case. If you use the dryer, the clothes will come out with fewer wrinkles and the fabric softener smell will stay on them longer.

Dryers come in different capacities, all specific to different amounts of laundry, so you don’t have to pack fewer clothes than you need to wash. Everything will depend on the capacity of the dryer, therefore, carrying more or less load does not influence the result. Now, if you are looking to wash large sheets or comforters, we recommend putting them in the dryer separately.

Main advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a clothes dryer


Time saving. Just take your clothes out of the washer, put them in the dryer, select the correct setting, and let this appliance do its thing until you complete the cycle. You’ll have your clothes dry in no time.

You can dry your clothes whenever you need. No matter the time or the hour, whether you need to get out of the house quickly in the morning or accidentally got your clothes wet at night, just put the damp clothes in the dryer and you’re good to go.

You will have clean clothes at the moment. You will not have the need to accumulate dirty clothes, since you can speed up the washing and drying process.

Washer dryers. This option takes up less space than buying both appliances separately. You just have to put the clothes in the drum, add the fabric softener of your choice and select the program until the drying cycle. Everything is included in a single program so you don’t have to move the clothes or program two cycles.


Dryers are usually expensive. All benefits come at a price… Dryers, wonderful as they are, can be hard to come by. However, it is an investment that you will make and be forever grateful for.

Running them is an additional expense. After purchasing the dryer, you should be aware that you will see an increase in your lux bill. The dryers use energy to transmit the heat that leaves the clothes completely dry, thus generating an extra cost of electricity.

The care of clothes. If you don’t check the labels on your clothes or don’t follow the directions for washing certain types of fabric, as we mentioned earlier, there is a risk of damaging your clothes in the dryer. This happens especially because you choose the wrong program for some clothes.

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