Buying guide for the best smart locks

Do you know what smart locks are? Or don’t know but want to know? Here we clarify all the doubts. If they work, if they are safe, among other things.

We are aware that this type of device is not very common in Latin America, especially in Peru. However, it has more to do with a misinformation issue than anything else. Here we guide you to try this new trend, and in case you decide to buy a smart lock, to choose the most suitable model for you.

The security of your home is essential for you and your family, so take the appropriate measures using the most effective tools. Therefore, we show you everything you need to know before you buy and we present some suggestions of good brands based on their sales in the general market.

They are a locking system that opens or closes the space intended to protect. There are those that use remote controls, those that use fingerprints, passwords or mobile applications.

If what you are looking for is to install it at the door of your home or business, some models come with integrated cameras. This is very useful when detecting robbery attempts, in addition to the fact that they are usually linked to some communication system, ideal for calling specific numbers in case of being in danger.

Some models work from the cell phone through wireless networks (Bluetooth or Internet), therefore, you open and close the door remotely and monitor the place wherever you are.

There are other locks that combine aspects of traditional models with today’s technological advances and are called hybrids. They are perfect for small spaces like cabinets, windows or drawers. We talk about that in a few lines below.

Are they safe?

It is inevitable not to discuss the effectiveness of smart or electric locks when it comes to putting them in the home or business, even when the key and the bolt have been the allies of security for a long time. Even so, more and more people are betting on this type of anti-intrusion device.

One of the most talked about things about smart locks is their hack ability. By way of clearing doubts, we must say that no security system is infallible. However, this type of lock has evolved in recent years.

Faced with controversies of failures in its operation, the equipment now uses state-of-the-art technologies that include 128 AES or TLS cryptographic encryption, the same ones used by banks to protect their digital communications. Upgrades with higher reliability ranges are planned.

Some models have backup plants or smart keys that allow access or exit from one place to another in the event of a power outage.

What types of smart locks are on the market?

1 – Bluetooth locks

As far as doors are concerned, it is the most popular model. They are operated by Bluetooth-enabled devices, either through a cell phone or tablet, with a code that makes the door open or close. This code is used through an App downloaded from the manufacturer brand. If you want, you can share the code to more users through the App and it will keep a record of who entered and left the place where the lock is located.

2 – Smart electronic locks with WiFi

It is one of the most sophisticated systems today. Its operation is given through a remote control that is installed on your smartphone that allows you to open or close the door even if you are not in the same place. So you do not have to share the password or change it continuously. Also, it notifies you when someone tries to force the lock or if something happens to the lock.

3 – Biometric lock

These locks are becoming the favorites of many thanks to their unique design that is elegant and discreet at the same time. It facilitates access automatically by putting the authorized fingerprint or fingerprints. Some models have an optical reader, an alternative that allows us to open the door showing the eye. Ideal for cabinets, rooms, house and office doors, they are shock resistant thanks to the zinc, the material from which they are made.

4 – Radio frequency locks (RFID)

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locks are electronic locks that use cards that open the door by placing them in a slot or bringing them close to a digital reader. It is usually found in most hotels and they do not need contact to access the room. It is an ideal option for interior doors and provides a high level of security.

5 – Invisible locks

They bear this name because they are not visible from the outside of the door, drawer or the space to be protected. They have a key or electric control that cannot be duplicated, as well as to open it from the outside. It is usually used as a complementary lock.

6 – Hybrid locks

Currently, smart locks combine several security mechanisms against any kind of unexpected events. If you want to continue using common keys, this type of lock is the one for you. There are many subtypes, including:

  • The numerical code and fingerprint.
  • The ones with a lock and Bluetooth access.
  • The password and lever.

Things you should know before buying a smart lock

Installation:  Some locks are not suitable for some doors or spaces. Take into account the material: aluminum profiles that are too narrow, ironwork doors with glass and sliding doors. Measure the place where you want to install it and check that it is suitable, safe and comfortable to place.

Battery:  Of course, smart locks are battery operated. Find out the lifespan of the model you are interested in and take precautions when the battery is about to run out. This way you avoid having bad times.

Price:  Electronic locks are obviously more expensive than traditional locks. They have a series of requirements that raise their price. Check if you really need it and it fits your needs and pocket.

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