Doogee S88 Pro Review

Doogee S8 Pro Review

Doogee is known for its rugged phones, and they seem to be excellent, albeit economical, alternatives to more premium devices like CAT. Doogee (pronounced du: dʒi: if you asked yourself) sells well-specified phones, almost indestructible at a bargain price, and if you happen to leave yours in, say, a lava pit, well, you wouldn’t mind so much, you would buy another one.

And here’s one of those strangely interesting specimens – the Doogee S88 Pro. It’s been sitting on our backlog for a while, but we’re happy to be able to review it finally.

Like many other rugged phones, this S88 Pro has a Transformer-like appearance with a robust and beautiful body made of metal and rubber for IP69K resistance to water and drops, among others.

It has a decent 1080p screen, hardware suitable for the job, a modern camera setup, but the main selling feature is the vast 10,000 mAh battery. Wow!

There are additional custom and emergency keys; you also get a fingerprint reader mounted on the frame while on the rear and two eye-shaped LEDs complement the notification light front.

Unpack the Doogee S88 Pro

The Doogee S88 Pro comes packaged in a large paper box, but it’s a big phone. Anyway, inside, you will find a 24 W charger, a USB-C cable, a 3.5 mm adapter for USB-C, and a small sling.

The S88 Pro also comes with a thin screen protector, which you can easily apply. Well, it’s supposed to be easy, even though we messed up a little bit with ours.

Design, construction, handling

If you’ve seen some rugged phones, then you’ve seen them all.

Doogee tried to make the S88 Pro stand out among its indestructible peers by placing LEDs in the shape of Iron Man’s eyes on the back. And they earn aesthetic points when they shine for incoming calls or missed notifications. Doogee is also selling an additional box inspired by the Iron Man helmet if you want to go all-in with the avenger’s favorite look.

There is a notch in the shape of a drop of water for the 16 MP selfie camera, although it was unnecessary and didn’t make sense. You can see that the bezels are thick enough to fit a dozen cameras and a few more.

Something we didn’t expect was to see a front notification LED light right next to the headset. Doogee didn’t have to put that on, as there are two big LEDs on the back, but it went further, and we appreciate that.

No matter which way your S88 Pro is facing, you’ll always know if any notifications have been missed.

The structure is made of metal (long sides) and plastic (short sides). The metal parts extend towards the rear for greater strength.

The upper and lower parts of the phone are covered by this soft rubber-like plastic, responsible for the shockproof features of the S88 Pro.

We are not sure if the screws around the frame and the back serve any real purpose, but they do fit the robust design.

The left side of the Doogee S88 Pro has the hybrid SIM tray and two personalized keys – the upper one is entirely personalized, while the lower one is for emergency purposes. Still, you can assign and reassign actions to these buttons as you see fit.

The right side houses the volume button and the power key. Below them, exactly where your thumb should be, is the fingerprint reader, which is always on, extremely fast, and very accurate.

Fortunately, this sensor is configured to react only to successful recognition, so it will not vibrate, turn on the screen, or block you from the phone if you touch it several times with your palm or unregistered fingers.

We don’t like that at Ulefone Armor 9, and we are happy to see that Doogee has done better.

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