Dyson V11 Outsize Review

The size of the Dyson V11 exterior is one step ahead of the Dyson V11, which has reached perfection with its powerful suction, adding a large dust container and a wide cleaning head to reduce the number of obstacles in your dust removal session.

Simply put, the V11 is bigger and better suited to larger homes.


The Dyson V11 range already offers superior battery life, 20% more suction power over its predecessor, the Dyson Cyclone V10 range – an incredible 185AW (Air Watts) – and a rear-mounted LCD display.

You cycle through the mods and see how much time you have left to suck. Now you also get a swatch cleaning head that covers 25% more floor space and a 1.9 liter capacity trash bin.

Like all other Dyson V11 cordless vacuum cleaners, the Dyson V11 utsize also has a high torque cleaning head that detects a wide variety of surfaces when using a vacuum cleaner in Auto Mode and can adjust suction power accordingly.

As a result, on examination, we found that the vacuum slips smoothly across various floor types, without the need to change the head.

Initially, the Dyson V11sutsize was only available in the United States and Australia, but was also launched in the United Kingdom.

However, $ 799.99 / £ 649.99 / AU. 29 1,299.99 Dyson is the most expensive cordless vacuum cleaner sold. So, while the big ones are undeniably good in terms of technology products – very few people deny massive amounts of television, for example – it is important to make sure the Dyson V11 outsourcing is important to ensure that the V11 lineup is already large and decisively expensive.


With the Dyson V11 utsize inheriting all the technical features of the standard V11, the main point of difference lies in its design.

More specifically, the addition of a new selection of useful design that enables it to extend its weight, size and battery life of utsize.

Despite the aforementioned suction highs, you still have 20% absorption on the V10 series, and the battery lasts about 60 minutes at its lowest setting.

Once again, Dyson used the ‘radial cyclone’ technology, reportedly producing 79,000 g of suction power to collect dirt with a series of 18 hurricanes. Meanwhile, the standard V11’s six-layer purification system also returns, with Dyson claiming that it is capable of trapping “99.97% particles as small as 0.3 microns” in its removable filter, although we have to believe it.

And, as mentioned earlier, utsize is capable of disconnecting your battery, enabling users to swap it to a spare part using a one-button click system at the base of its handle.Of course, additional batteries are sold separately.

The Dyson V11utsize also offers a choice of three power settings that can be accessed from a single mode button on the back of the device.

The environment, as the name suggests, offers the longest battery life and the least amount of absorption (which is still strong, all things considered), while Boost provides the highest amount of absorption, but it also drains the battery super fast.

Located between the two is the medium / automatic setting, which offers the perfect compromise of suction power and longevity.

Why, then, is the difference between medium and automatic? It all depends on what cleaning device is installed, but more on that later.

Each of the modes can be changed using the V11 utsize screen’s back button, which provides real-time information about the battery’s remaining time, as well as smart reports on locks and other things you need to know, when to filter filter.

Of course, the main selling point of the V11 iSize is its increased capacity, which provides a larger box containing more dirt than the standard V11, making it a more attractive prospect for larger homes.

But how big is the utsize TZ V11 really? If you know Dyson, you know that the company does not do anything halfway, which is why the V11 utsize size increases by 150% in size, bringing the total volume from 0.76 liters to 1.9 liters.

Of course, with the increase in size, weight gain, and make no mistake – the Dyson V11 utsize is indeed a stout boy. With that said, the added weight is not as intense as you might think.

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