Google pixel 5 Long-term review

Google pixel 5 Long-term review

The Pixel Smartphone represents Google’s Android’s ideal view, but Google’s Pixel Smartphone is always awkward and difficult to recommend blindly. From Pixel 2 (excluding any ‘A’ models), each pixel disappointingly had some commitment, which prevents us from loving (almost) everything in it, no matter how much we want it. This time the Pixel 5 is different.


With the Pixel 3A and 4A devices’ excellent success, Google has learned that to succeed, the phone does not need to have a chipset that works well or some of the best features.

They had to do everything right without compromising on the basics of what people wanted from the phone: stability, good battery life, and a high-end camera.

The Pixel 5 is delivered on them without certifying the year’s high-end (and most expensive) chipset.

When we first analyzed it (mainly due to its outdated camera hardware and lack of sophisticated transformation), it started to grow in us. Now, four months later, we have been unable to stop.

When we use it, we realize that the big phone doesn’t have to be large, it doesn’t have to break standard records, and it doesn’t cost more than a thousand dollars.

It must be reliable, have reliable software, and continue to use it daily without resorting to an energy bank.

This longitudinal analysis has used Pixel 5 as the primary tool for more than three and a half months. It was enough time to cross the honeymoon stage to discover the specifications and attitudes of the Pixel 5 and push its entire buttons.

Google pixel 5 review

The Snapdragon 765G’s energy efficiency is a solid choice for this year’s cheapest Pixel 5 (Pixel 4 and 4XL starting at 99 799 and 99 899, respectively), with future resistance support for 5G networks.

Low-cost features include more expensive phones, such as two-way wireless charging, 90 Hz screen, and IP68 water resistance.

We will let you know how to use Google Pixel 5 every day beyond the standard review period. We start with the phone’s design and ergonomics.

Design, management

The design of the Pixel 5 caught the attention of many journalists and fans. Google mentioned that the phone was made of “metal” during the event announcement, which quickly raised eyebrows.

Many of us wondered how Google handled wireless charging through anything other than glass.

The “metal” advertised by Google is not a metal shell, but rather an aluminum piece – an elegant way of saying that the Pixel 5 is made of plastic. Google gave the following image, which explains the Pixel 5’s inputs.

The image was a bit misleading, as the second level material showed the metallic side of the phone before cutting out more material and adding a layer of textured plastic.

That means that the Pixel 5 does not have as much metal as shown in the image above. Regardless, “plastic” is not always a bad word when done correctly.

The exterior of the Pixel 5 is durable and will outlast the glass in the long run, depending on how clumsy the owner is.

The Pixel 5 Case is a single molded body, covering everything except a screen. There is only a seam between the screen glass and the body. Meanwhile, the micro porous design adds adhesive between the ceramic and the plastic.

This extra grip on the material looks safer than traditional glass sandwiches that have run through the office in recent years.

Most of the time, we used the Pixel 5, which is protected on the official Google Pixel fabric cover. That is a beautiful box that is elegant, machine washable, and we often receive compliments for its looks.

They are durable and do not wear like a regular TPU or hard plastic case. The black art and scratches that we have are well concealed.

Biometrics and speakers

The Pixel 3XL is known for its immense popularity, and the Pixel 4 duo is known for its large forehead. In contrast, the Pixel 5 Selfie camera has a simple cutout, resulting in a better screen-to-body ratio. We appreciate that the screen is not curved, making it more comfortable to hold and use without any context.

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