Logitech G435 review Decent lightweight

Logitech has a wide variety of mice, keyboards, and headphones. In the latter category, however, it lacks a wireless mid-range variant. Until recently, because the Logitech G435 fills that gap as the little brother of the Logitech G733. The headset is a reasonable addition to the Logitech G-family, but sacrifices have been made to achieve a competitive price.

To start with, the Logitech G435 offers good standard sound. During gaming, the low, medium and high frequencies are well represented. Auditory details such as footsteps, explosions and weapons clatter meet what you would expect from a mid-range gaming headset. The sound quality is also more than decent while watching movies and listening to music. An interesting addition is a volume limiter at 85 decibels to protect your eardrums. After all, prevention is better than cure. It is to Logitech that it offers a pleasant listening experience in several areas.

Although the output is fine, the input is lacking. Unlike many gaming headsets, the Logitech G435 does not have a microphone tree, but uses two built-in ‘beamforming’ microphones in the left ear cup to optimally register your voice and to reduce background noise as much as possible. The quality of the mic is reasonable considering the price, but sounds hollow with a slight ‘fishbowl feel’ as a result. In addition, despite the above technology, the microphone is quite sensitive to background noise, so that mechanical keystrokes in particular provide the necessary noise. In terms of input, you therefore have to make clear concessions.

Another tricky point that directly connects to this is the lack of supplied software. Many Logitech G-series devices use Logitech G Hub, but the G435 headset does not. The hardware manufacturer itself therefore offers no solution for manually tinkering with sensitivity or noise – which is not a superfluous luxury in this case. Logitech will also not help you with basic things such as checking the remaining battery or creating sound profiles. An unuser-friendly choice from the Swiss manufacturer that normally offers better service.

However, the above shortcomings are compensated by the high wearing comfort of the headphones. At 165 grams, the Logitech G435 is one of the lightest headsets on the market. The thin fabric headband hardly puts any pressure on the head. The fabric ear cups fit seamlessly over the ears and feel comfortable, but offer surprisingly good isolation from background noise. With headphones as light as a feather, you hardly notice that they are on your head. The other side of the coin is that the headset feels vulnerable. This isn’t a headset that will leave you lying around, albeit unknowingly. The headset is also not suitable for people with an above-average head size. However, if you put comfort above robustness, the Logitech G435 is the right choice.

In terms of finish, hard plastic has also been chosen, which makes it feel somewhat cheap by mid-range standards. On the other hand, the plastic parts consist of 22 percent plastic waste material. In addition, both the headset and the packaging (albeit with compensation) have no CO2 footprint. It puts the choice of materials in a different perspective in which sustainability is an important pillar. The Logitech G435 is therefore an interesting option for those who want to contribute to the environment and climate.

The headset comes in three color combinations: the predominantly black ‘black and neon yellow’, fresh ‘off white and liliac’ and colorful ‘blue and raspberry’. Tastes differ and that’s why the diversity in colors is a nice gesture from Logitech. The headset also has a minimalist design. In addition to the logos and model names, the buttons are subtly concealed. They are also intuitive to operate. The curling wire between the ear cups and band is playful, but modestly applied. So, together with the matte finish, everything looks calm. With various color tones and little fuss, the Logitech G435 is a great-looking headset.

Finally, the headset does exactly what it promises in other areas. Thanks to ‘plug and play’, you can effortlessly connect the headset to your PC, console, smartphone or other device via Bluetooth. A USB dongle is also included so that you keep latency to a minimum using Logitech’s Lightspeed technology. The manufacturer also promises 18 hours of battery life, which is more than sufficient for headphones in this price range. With the 2 meter long USB cable you have enough length to be able to listen or charge with an empty battery.

The Logitech G435 is a solid and durable wireless headset without bells and whistles. The wearing comfort, simplistic design and ‘what you hear is what you get’ sound quality are the mainstays. On the other hand, the headset sacrifices quality when it comes to robustness and voice input. All in all, a solid entry-level model, but from Logitech you expect just that little bit more.

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