Microsoft is going to remove Paint from Windows 10

Microsoft Paint Will Be Removed

Microsoft Paint Will Be Removed – This surprising news from Microsoft has become a headline in various media. Well, because the MS Paint application has been around since the 90s to 2017.

Microsoft Paint is a simple application that is used for drawing and can also be used for image editing, although it is not as sophisticated as Photoshop.

This is the end of an era, where Microsoft will add MS Paint as a list of features that will be removed and deprecated in updates to Windows 10.

Microsoft first introduced MS Paint about 32 years ago and its place in 1985 as part of Windows 1.0.

Furthermore, Microsoft Paint will be in Windows 10 fall Creators Update; however Microsoft will no longer actively update this graphics editing software.

As for when, Microsoft has not yet determined when this application will be removed. As a replacement for Microsoft Paint, Microsoft will release Paint 3D in October.

Paint 3D will allow users to use them online. Apart from MS Paint, other applications included in the list of applications to be removed from Windows 10 are Outlook Express, Microsoft Reader and also the Reading List.

For most users, Microsoft Paint is most often used to create Print Screen images (Screenshots). With Microsoft Paint, you can create screenshot images easily and simply.

For Bloggers, Microsoft Paint is certainly familiar because it is often used to create images to complement articles, especially articles with tutorial types that require complementary images.

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