Run fast Computer When Just Start Tips

Run fast Computer When Just Star tips

The computer “hangs” and doesn’t want to run the program that we command when we start?

Some computer users must have experienced this, especially if the specifications used are low specifications.

In general, this happens because the user is impatient to open a program when the computer is really not ready when the computer has just started.

Even though it is designed in such a sophisticated way, actually a computer is the same as a human being.

The computer hangs when the program is about to open, generally because of the problematic startup software.

In a Windows system, programs related to services such as anti-virus and auto-updating will run during boot as part of the Windows loading procedure.

And when one of them crashes, the whole system will suddenly stop.

Tips for Starting a New Computer Start So It Does Not Hang.

To anticipate the things that have been mentioned above, here are some tips that might be run so that the computer doesn’t often hang, especially when it is just starting.

Avoid opening other applications or programs when the computer has just been turned on.

Do refresh first. Right click -> Refresh.

If you install an anti-virus like Smadav, let the anti-virus scan first.

No matter how important your needs are, you should avoid the three things above when the computer is just running, because existing programs need to adapt first before running programs or applications.

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