Samsung Galaxy A12 Review

Samsung Galaxy A12 Review

It’s the year 2021, and we already have three of Samsung’s top-end S21 phones to review. The Galaxy A12 (not 12, 21) is an entry-level device designed to deliver the Samsung experience on a budget.


Announced last year and available from January, the Galaxy A12 is not the most affordable phone that Samsung sells – the Galaxy M2 holds that title. Not all of these models are available worldwide.

The Galaxy A12 we have here has a 6.5-inch screen, making it easy to spot the effects of budget constraints.

It is one of the few LCD screens on the OLED-dominated Galaxy line, and the 720p resolution is below the diagonal average. That is a general combination of partition size, technology, and resolution, so the A12 isn’t severely equipped.

MediaTek is doing the math inside the Helio P35A12, and it’s not particularly interesting hardware. Again, though, it fits perfectly into the price range – you’re getting an eight-core CPU, and the chip is built into a 12NM production process, so it should be decent and economical at the same time.

The last significant detail: The Galaxy A12 runs on a 5,000mAh battery with a base 12Nm chipset and enough battery for a 6.5-inch 720p display. We expect reliable statistics for battery life.

Unpacking the Samsung Galaxy A12

The Galaxy A12 arrives in a simple package with a simple cardboard box inside the cover, with a picture of the phone printed on top. 15W Adapter and USB-C Cable – You get some requirements, and you’re good to go.

The Galaxy A12 is mostly made of plastic, a beautiful plastic with a nice touch. It’s not a back panel or some building structure; there is no revealed “structure.” Instead, it is a unibody construction, with the rear cover also surrounding the device’s perimeter.

The back is split into three, with the large top being treated with a diagonal stripe design. We’re not saying this improves grip, but it’s not detrimental to it.

In the following trimester, Samsung’s Long will be with some regulatory markers, the latter in low contrast printing, thankfully. There is an island with four cameras, which is not enough to place a flash; it was placed under the camera array. We’re not saying that 2MP macro and depth modules consume space, but 2MP macro and depth modules abuse space. However, we understand how marketing departments disagree.

There is an Infiniti-V display on the front, with a small notch at the top leading to a Selfie camera. There is an almost invisible indentation on the top of the earpiece ring.

There are reasonably sized bezels around the screen. That is not a premium phone, so expect an extra-low black edge. The chin, in particular, is a little heavier, but it fits well with class competitors like the Poco M3 or Realme 7i. Regardless, we say the Galaxy A12 doesn’t look dated or cheap because of its bezels.

We are not big screen coating fans; however, it is more susceptible to fat storage, which we discussed recently. Admittedly, we primarily deal with major phones, and the oleophobic glass screen protector cannot be fixed.

Like glass, Samsung says nothing about the type used in the A12, and Corning does not mention it in its database.

As we scroll down the phone’s sides, we see the fingerprint reader / on/off button combination on the right. It is slightly above the middle point, somewhat more than the left “middle” index finger, but a small grip adjustment will get you there.

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