Sennheiser IE 300 Review

One Minute Review

While you may not get the same features as real wireless noise-canceling headphones, it is not the focus of the Sennheiser IE 300.

Instead, this pair of in-ear wired monitors (IEMs) provides excellent access to the world of hi-fi at reasonable prices.

The construction is excellent, cavalier materials including gold plated connectors and cables.

The same attention to detail is in the design of audio components, giving some clever engineering ears a much wider experience than they normally provide.

The sound signature is pleasantly balanced, with little preference for the bass, but the IE 300 handles all genres comfortably and delivers impressive levels of detail while doing so.

Some of the key cable noise is that these are not the best headphones we are most active in, but this issue only provides more subtle or quiet audio.

There’s no doubt that the IE 300 won’t be for everyone – some sensational competition in the consumer sector from companies like Sony and Bose make it a little more difficult to justify this kind of product – but if loyalty is your focus, these buttons aren’t won by Sennheiser.

Pricing and Availability

These inmates cost 299 / £ 259 / AU. There is no doubt that the $ 479 weighting is at the top of the spectrum.

It offers more than just some real premium wireless headphones, such as the feature-rich Sony WF-1000XM3, and the latest Bose QuietComfort headphones.

At that price, it is clear that Sennheiser is not trying to compete directly with the most affordable wireless alternatives, or with industry-class professional in-ear monitoring solutions used by musicians and other artists.

Instead, the effort is to provide audiophile-grade sound quality in a centralized and relatively affordable package (when considering other IEMs) to try to narrow the IE 300 gap and distance you from Sony’s true wireless friends.


The IE 300, a group of wired headsets, allows for incredibly compact driver boxes that line up with the ear when used – far from the truly cordless wireless headphones that dominate the market.

They are only available in a single color configuration, which can be broadly described as ‘black’ – its sophisticated and focused design.

The units themselves are greyish gray-black with metallic stains, which are gold and blue stains upon close inspection, but are only noticeable in extreme proximity.

The cable ends up in a 3.5mm right-angle TRS connector, which fits well with our devices and is very easy to operate.

There is no built-in microphone, in-line volume, or transport controls that some Wired Ear users have to adapt to.

These detachable buttons connect to the included cable through the gold-plated Fidelity + MMCX connectors, which allow the 360 ​​degree rotation of each button, plus the ability to change the included cabling for your preferred MMCX compatible cable.

This style, with its minimal size, creates an incredibly coordinated aesthetic and would be almost imperceptible if not for the glittering Sennheiser lamp in the center of each button.

In the box, you’ll find three sets of silicone tips, as well as three sets of viscoelastic foam tips, along with a swatch cleaning latch to keep your buttons free of wax.

Also included is a very soft blanket to help keep your buttons secure and free of clutter when not in use, complete with a few cables and straps to organize the accessories inside.

In use

Installing the IE300 on and around your ears is incredibly easy, thanks to the swivel connection with the earhooks that fit the buttons on the cable.

We found these hooks slender enough to coexist smoothly with the sleeves of the glasses.

None of the silicone tips these reviewers have provided provide an adequate impression, no matter what size setting is used or how they are fitted to the ear, but fortunately the memory foam options work well.

With headphones, it is absolutely necessary to get a comfortable fit, or you will completely miss the bass frequencies of your audio, and the IE 300 is no exception.

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