The best Power Bank you can get now a days

Currently, our cell phones and other portable devices have become essential tools in our daily routine. Whether for work, leisure or simple personal use, the battery seems not to be enough.

With the passage of time, the duration of our battery is not the same and the uncomfortable need arises to be near a plug to charge the mobile or laptop while using it. Has it happened to you?

Luckily, we no longer require being near a plug. And given the impossibility of changing the battery in all our electronic devices every time they are damaged, an alternative has emerged: a fast charging system called Power Bank, which is increasingly popular in the market.

If you still do not know them, here we give you useful information about the power bank , fundamental points that you should know, as well as recommendations of the most efficient products and the best brands in Mexico at cheap prices.

It is an external battery that acts as a power source. It has one or more USB ports that allow you to recharge your favorite devices wherever and whenever. It is an essential accessory for people who travel frequently and do not have power outlets at hand.

It is an affordable and accessible option to outlets. They are comfortable, autonomous and safe, regardless of where you are.

How does the power bank work and in which electronic devices can I use it?

Composed of a lithium battery with an electronic circuit board (PCB) that controls its operation; This circuit regulates the voltage and protects the lithium battery from overcharging. Meanwhile, a USB and micro USB port are attached to the lithium battery that is used to charge the device you want.

You can use the power bank with almost any electronic device with 5V input: iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet, e-book, Kindle, Bluetooth speaker, Go Pro and even electronic cigarettes.

In case you need to charge your smartphone, you must connect it to the power bank through the USB port and the battery will identify it as a connected device. There, the necessary electrical current is supplied until the cell phone reaches a full charge.

Types of power bank that exist in the market

Power banks are practical, versatile and easy to use devices, small in size. They are discreet and you can take them anywhere, since they fit easily in your pants pocket or in the palm of your hand.

Currently you can find the model that best suits your needs and at affordable prices. To choose the right one for you, you need to know the exact mAh capacity of the device you intend to charge with the power bank. If the battery is removable, you can find this information printed on it, if not, you can check it on the internet with the name and model of the product.

You should choose an external battery with twice the capacity of the device you are going to charge. Only then will you make sure you have a full charge.

1 – Pocket

This type of power bank is one whose purpose is to act as an auxiliary battery in case of emergencies. For this reason, rather than having capacity, its main advantage is portability and a cheap price. It offers a partial or full charge of the device (between 3000 – 6000 mAh) to support it until the end of the day.

You can consider it as an auxiliary battery of the power bank. Its use is intended for cell phones. Another pocketable battery option, in case you’re looking for something more compact, is the Ultra Slim.

2 – High capacity (for laptops)

It consists of several USB ports for simultaneous charging. The weight and size are defined according to its design and capacity. Generally, they have a capacity of 10,000 – 20,000 mAh or more, which supports 2 to 4 full charges.

It has Quick Charge fast charging technology , known as a USB type C port. Ideal for laptops, tablets, ipads and cell phones. We recommend them for long trips and areas that do not have electrical outlets.

3 – Solar

As its name indicates, they are made with small solar sheets. If you like to be at the beach, hiking, cycling or anything that involves being away from home, this model is ideal for you.

It works by absorbing the sun’s rays that are stored and then used to generate electrical energy. It is useful for devices that do not need a large electrical power and can produce full charges the larger the surface where it collects sunlight.

4 – Wireless

This type of power bank forms the new generation of external chargers. Exclusively for cell phones, Qi is the best known on the market. Charging is done through high frequencies and it is essential that the cell phone is placed exactly in the right place for it to charge correctly.

If you want to buy it, check that your cell phone is compatible with Qi technology.

How to charge the power bank?

Being external batteries, power banks are also charged through a power source, be it a wall charger, a laptop or another power bank, through a USB cable.

The charging time depends on the medium chosen to be the main power source and the capacity of the external battery itself. Some models include LED lights that indicate the level of the battery as it charges.

Basic device care

Do not expose it to very high temperatures. Keep it in cool places. If it is a solar charger, keep it away from dry places or objects with abundant glass.

They are not waterproof, unless it is an off-road model. It is also not compatible with abrasive products.

Prevents it from suffering from bumps or falls.

If you see that it is swollen, broken or that it has some kind of fault, do not use it under any circumstances.

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