The best printer brands Types and characteristics

Before, we had to go to a cyber cafe or a copy center to be able to print our documents. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology, we can have the same electronic devices and therefore the same results from the comfort of our home.

Printers went from being bulky to multifunctional equipment, that is, doing more than just printing. Whether it is because you need to renew the one you have at home, or because you need to buy a new one, it is essential to know the different types of printer that exist in order to choose the one that best suits your needs.

For this reason, we present a series of printers according to their functionality, the best brands and we also offer you some tips to make your choice much easier.

The ink: Do you need black and white or color ink? How often do you think you will print? How much money do you have to invest in the equipment? Depending on your answers to these questions, you should consider the number of cartridges or toners you will need, how they are distributed, their duration and their price. Choose the right printer for you wisely and your pocketbook will thank you.

The paper:  Look at the loading format, that is, the number of sheets it can have in its compartment and choose the one that best suits you. In case you want to be a little more ecological, you can look for a model that prints on both sides and its printing speed. This way you will have a fast, efficient printer and you will take care of the planet in the process.

Other elements:  Some models come with WiFi, integrated screens or card readers. This has made its use an easier task. Really think about whether your next printer needs these applications and if not, you can spend that money on other aspects that are more useful to you.

Home or office printers

1 – Traditional or inkjet printer

This type of printer is the most convenient for the home and also the most widespread on the market. It is quite easy to use and is used to print the work of the people in the house or any other simple printing to do. There are even some that are multifunctional, allowing us to make copies or scan documents and photos.

The way it prints is through moving heads that contain tiny holes through which drops of ink come out and impregnate the paper. If used infrequently, its maintenance and inks are cheap.

There are two types of traditional printer:

The ink ones: Refillable ink cartridges or bottles through a syringe with various inks. If you don’t know how to reload the cartridge, we suggest you go to an expert and thus avoid damaging it.

Continuous ink: Refillable ink cartridges or bottles through hoses as they are spent, so they are almost never empty.

2 – Multifunction laser printer

Laser printers replace cartridges with small tanks of ink called toners. In this case, the ink is not liquid but powder (black or colored). They are easy to recharge and offer high performance. Its mechanism is based on static electricity and a laser light that records the text or image to be printed. Then, it penetrates the deposit where the toners are found to finally capture the print on paper.

This type of printer is ideal for businesses, medium-sized businesses, and offices. Unlike the previous model, graphics and text are printed in high quality. If you don’t need much color ink, there are monochrome laser printers at good prices and they are long lasting to print a lot of material.

They are easy to use and there is no risk of stains or wrinkles on the paper when printing. Although they are usually used in professional settings, some people prefer them as a home printer. They are more expensive but offer a longer lifespan.

Specialty printers

1 – Photo Printer

As its name suggests, this type of printer is especially for printing photos on photo paper and showing exceptional result. Over time, they have become a common type of printer, thanks to the availability of cell phones and other devices with which we can take photos, everything indicates that the rise of digital photography is coming.

For home or professional use, it is possible to find models that are cheap and of good quality. However, that brings us to the next question…

Both present excellent options, especially for home use. But in houses with little space it is preferable to have a single printer that fulfills several functions. Although an all-in-one printer does a number of different jobs, it can’t do them all at once, so it might be better to have more than one printer, if the situation calls for it.

Either way, if you’re looking to buy a photo printer, check to see if the size and resolution quality, printer technology, and compatibility with your computer work for you.

2 – Ticket printer

This type of printer is small and its task is to print tickets to be used as proof of payment in private businesses, gas stations, self-service chains, parking lots and places where cultural events are held.

They are connected to a computer via a USB or Ethernet cable, although there are models that work wirelessly. The data printed on the tickets is received from software that is downloaded to a computer and is intercepted by the device driver to be printed.

There are different types of ticket printers:

  • Compact ticket
  • thermal ticket
  • of injection ticket
  • portable ticket
  • of ticket for sales

The choice will depend on the requirements of the user, the frequency of use, the level of speed and the necessity of printing tickets in color.

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