Trust GXT 255+ Onyx review

For those who are still in doubt, video game content creation has become a gigantic industry. Whether it’s streams, let’s plays, podcasts or in-depth video analysis, a lot of content is created around games. Logically, content creators also need solid material to record their voices. Hardware manufacturer Trust is only too happy to accept that challenge and is now debuting the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx.

Trust products generally have a sleek design and that also applies to the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx. The microphone and boom arm are completely black and look sleek and elegant. There are also tasteful color accents, because although the microphone is completely black, there is a luminous ring around it that allows you to change color as desired. If you put the microphone on mute, it will turn deep red. It’s a nice and classy touch. Also special is that the cable of the micro is hidden in the standard and that there is an extra USB port in that standard. The whole looks very clean but is still very practical. The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx is simply a nice total package.

The extra parts also stand out in a positive way. The microphone boom is sturdy and the screws on the hinges don’t need to be overtightened to get it in the right position. The arm is made of nice and light aluminum, so you don’t have to tighten the hinges too much. The table clamp is also equipped with cushions that absorb the pressure of the clamp on the table. This allows you to tighten everything without worrying about damage to your desk. Finally, there is also a ‘shock mount’. This ensures that contact noises such as typing or bumping against your desk are drastically reduced. The parts of the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx are therefore of very high quality.

However, the table clamp itself can cause logistical problems. The clamp’s thickness makes it particularly sturdy. The downside, however, is that you have to move your desk about 4 inches from the wall to install the clamp on it. That in turn can cause other elements of your desk (such as the position of your monitor) to suddenly find themselves dangerously close to an edge. Finding a good place for the microphone can therefore be a difficult task.

The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx has a very detailed ‘gain’ that you can adjust completely to your liking. Turning off the ‘gain’ also means completely off, which is remarkable since many other microphones still pick up sound. By the way, the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx is a cardioid microphone, intended to only pick up the speaker’s voice and filter out other sounds. The microphone succeeds completely in this, as background noise was never an issue in my recordings. This clear result does have the disadvantage that your voice sounds much less full. If you are looking for a microphone that can emphasize the bass in your voice, then this is not the right choice. Other than that, however, this is a fine cardioid microphone.

However, the price point of the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx is more difficult to reconcile with its features. While you get a very decent package, competitors like Blue Yeti or even its own Trust GXT 258W Fyru USB 4-in-1 streaming microphone offer more features for less money, including different pattern settings for recording directions. Although the cardioid recording pattern in those models is of lower quality, you should therefore determine for yourself what you attach the most importance to.

The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx is a solid microphone. Background noise is excellently filtered, resulting in a very clean result. The biggest advantages are the beautiful design of the microphone and microphone boom, and the high quality of the extra parts such as the table clamp and ‘shock mount’. Downsides are that the table clamp is sometimes logistically difficult to place and that this is not an ideal microphone for those who want to emphasize the bass in the voice. In addition, competitors offer more features for the same or a lower price. Nevertheless, the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx is a good choice for those who want to make a career as a content creator. You can rely on Trust.

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