Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T Review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T Review

The Redmi Note 9T is a slightly toned down version of the China-exclusive Redmi Note 9 5G. Available now in Europe, the competitive special price is € 199 “early-bird” and the regular MSRP 4/64 GB promises from just 9 229 for the original version and up to 9 269 per GB for the 4/128 version.

The Redmi Note 9T is clearly designed for emerging 5G budgets in global markets. Their priorities are clear and definitely require some specifications and resource sacrifices. And that is totally understandable.

Introduction and Unboxing

Not every phone has to be a universally loved budget gift, just like Shioma’s Poco Line. There is value in meeting specific needs and interests, such as the current 5G trend when pursuing a tight budget.

Moreover, leaving detailed specifications, the Redmi Note 9T manages to deliver an efficient and fully modern smartphone experience.

While the price of the Redmi Note 9T falls directly into the budget area, it is important to keep it in the right place. Many aspects of the Redmi Note 9T’s spec sheet are just okay (as is the only main camera that can be used effectively) with a wider edge, like a normal 60 Hz LCD panel and a fairly perforated selfie camera.

You can also get a better display, better overall performance, or a significantly better camera setup or a combination of these in the display 250 budget. Getting a 5G connection for that kind of money outside of China, however, is still difficult.

MediaTek is working seamlessly to make 5G more accessible, especially with the launch of the 5G line of Dimension chipsets. The future is bright in the Qualcomm camp, with the latest announcements being Snapdragon 480.

However, for now, it is a silicon like the Dimension 800U within the Shiomi Redmi 9T, and 5G enthusiasts are excited about MediaTech’s affordable 5G hardware and will eventually leave its home market.

Unpack Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T

Let’s start by unpacking the phone. After all, in light of recent developments in the area of ​​integrated phone chargers and the ever-growing small accessory kit, we are very interested to see the inside of the Redmi box in 2021. Fortunately, the Redmi Note 9T comes with some advantages.

Design, ergonomics and materials bill

The Redmi Note 9T has a certain family resemblance, which you can’t deny. The rear design is dominated by the “circular” camera module and reminds us a bit of the Poco X3.

Notably, the international Redmi Note 9T and its Chinese brothers, the Redmi Note 9 5G, have different islands of cameras. The Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G is highly compatible in this regard.

But just like the Redmi Note 9 5G, the Redmi Note 9T is rocking a two-piece plastic design. The rear is a uniform part that rotates and hugs the screen.

This is a surprisingly durable and tough experience. The Redmi Note 9T has literally zero flex. You can’t bend; this is good news from the point of view.

While not an official access protection rating, the Redmi Note 9T features a water-repellent coating on the inside.

The phone also looks very loud in the hand. No wonder, considering that its weight is 162 x 77.3 x 9.2 mm and its optical weight is 199 grams. Even so, we are grateful when a cheap phone looks good and “dense” for lack of a better word. It’s just consolation.

Speaking of sentiment at hand, the Redmi Note 9T definitely has a specific theme with its fine dotted design. Unlike the Redmi Note 9 5G, which offers only a textured finish in the gray variant, the Redmi Note 9T’s Nightfall Black and Daybreak Purple colors are created. Thanks for the extra grip. Furthermore, this type of stain and oily surface is more difficult to obtain.

The Redmi Note 9T is not hiding its economic nature except for the plastic construction. On the front of the phone, we found a wide edge around the 6.53-inch screen. Furthermore, the large drilling hole for the 13MP selfie, with a thick black inner border, is reminiscent of old designs.

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