ZTE Axon 20 5G review

ZTE Axon 20 5G review

The TE DTE Axon family has a pioneering history in the industry. They bring us the first commercially available device, the Axon 20 5G, which has a Selfie camera under the display. We’ve been waiting since the first engraved phones arrived.


This innovative feature is expected to be integrated with first-rate hardware.  If you are removing cutouts, it makes sense to use a suitable monitor.

The full-screen panel checks all the boxes – HRR 90 Hertz, HDR, OLED support, and 10-bit color depth. And it’s the city’s largest. The display measures 6.92 inches. Diagonally, the phone is a bit heavy, even for users with medium-sized hands.

However, the central part of this phone is the chipset. The Snapdragon 765G offers 5G connectivity and more than enough performance, with 128GB of internal storage as the basic configuration.

The camera’s design wants something because it doesn’t offer a telephoto camera, and the ultra-wide-angle unit is only 8MP. Moreover, there are no stereo speakers.

Is this a typical first-generation product with its specifications, and will people pay the price of early adoption or have a larger, uncut clip? Well, let’s see.

Unpack the ZTE Axon 20 5G

The device comes in a standard box with a charger suitable for USB-C cable from USB-A used to charge and transfer data. As a bonus, the ZTE features a transparent silicone case and a 3.5mm USB-C dongle, as the phone does not have a headphone jack.

Let’s first address the obvious, and that’s its size. It’s hard to set a 6.92-inch screen for a compact body, so don’t expect miracles.

The side pockets are not great, and the lower chin is slightly protruding. There’s no way around it, it’s a bulky phone, and it’s impossible to handle it with just one hand. However, we were surprised that the weight was only 198 grams, which is quite impressive for this size phone.

The camera couldn’t put the ZTE down the screen. There are a fingerprint reader and some other sensors, such as a proximity sensor and ambient light.

The headset is also nowhere to be found, so there is a piezoelectric vibrator in its place. It connects to the screen; it vibrates and generates sound. We have seen these solutions from Shiomi and Huawei before. Anyway, we talk about the screen.

Unfortunately, there is no gorilla glass – just old glass. And the first thing we notice is how slippery the phone looks. For a phone of this size, sneaky is terrible. The stains on the back are not visible, at least in the black we received.

However, we like the rear swatch look. There are only ZTE brand and Axon 5G on the back, but they are quite subtle and not “in your face”. The camera also crashes. It has all four cameras in addition to the flash. The camera’s protruding tremors leave the phone on a flat surface. Hitting the case will fix it.

The button position on the side is excellent. The on/off button has a subtle design and reaches the right height. Your thumb is precisely in place. There is no volume control because the volume up and down buttons is separated. That can be a correct decision, as it gives you more clarity on where you place your thumb.

Moving to the bottom of the frame, we see the speaker grid, USB-C port, and SIM card tray, a hybrid. You can go with the SIM + SIM configuration or the SIM + microSD card.

Overall, we like the Axon 20 5G design; we think it should be improved. And we’re not talking about the size of the phone because it’s more subjective. Anyone looks for a smaller phone will not have the 6.92-inch massive screen on the Axon 20 5G. But we think the bezels need a little cutting, and the slippery nature of the rear window makes the phone harder to handle than it already is.

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